Train to combat intimidation

When it comes to workout routines, do you prefer a trainer who is big, bulky and hulk-like? Or do you prefer a trainer who is a real-life example of fitness and healthy living? If your preference is the latter, then you should check out Jessica and Debbie Smith’s fitness DVDs. This mother/daughter duo is one that women of all ages can relate to. Jessica explains in an article featured on USAToday, that the fans gravitate toward her their videos because of her mother. “She is closer in age and ability to many of them  and she is a real-life example.”

Trainers who are relatable, are also reliable. It’s important to, as a trainer, get on the learner’s level and remember how you thought of fitness before you were a trainer. It’s your job to equip the learner with the motivation and proper perspective to combat their intimidation. Read more about how Jessica and Debbie Smith do this, while taking a  fun,  safe, and quick approach.