Surfset Fitness: Surf without the water


Surfset fitness

A new type of fitness has people surfing… on land.

Aimed at core strength, burning fat and toning lean muscle, SURFSET  Fitness is the latest exercise trend. From squats, to downward dog, the workout is done on a surfboard with each exercise focused on balance.

I think SURFSET is a great addition to the fitness world. It looks like a fun way to get a workout in, while challenging your body to stay balanced. SURFSET is adjustable for all fitness levels. Like Yoga and Pilates, to become a seasoned pro in SURFSET you’ve got to nail the balance down first. It’s all about that core! In a single SURFSET class you loose between 450  and 800 calories.

SURFSET Fitness was founded in 2011, and since has been highlighted on Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, Access Hollywood and Martha Stewart. Now the SURFSET team is working with “shark” investor Marc Cuban. SURFSET is moving past being a trend, to being up there with HIIT and P90X. I’m excited to see how it progresses, and I hop to get out there on a board and put my balance to the test.

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