Debunking weight-loss myths

There are more weight-loss myths than there are tips. The key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is knowing what motivates you and capitalizing on your strengths and doing all that in moderation. Fitness magazine has shared some tips, and I’m going to debunk them for you.

1. Adopt a gluten-free diet.

The protein in gluten helps to build muscle. And a lot of gluten-free foods are high in calories.

2. Skipping Meals.

Never okay. You’ve got to fuel your body, especially during times where you are exerting more energy.

3. Cut out all unhealthy foods.

This comes back to the moderation piece. We are all human, and we all have our weaknesses. Allow yourself a cheat day, when you can indulge in your favorite unhealthy foods. Cutting out all unhealthy foods increases the chance that your diet will end up unsustainable.

4. Juice is the answer to everything.

Juice is actually sugar. Breaking down fruit to a liquid-state increases its sugar percentage. Also, juice does not provide you with enough nutrients and decreases muscle definition.

5. Cook all of your meals.

Doing this can be helpful because you have control over the ingredients. However, sustaining this is difficult. Learn how to combat your hunger everywhere you go with helpful resources like Eat This Not That.

6. Eat low-fat versions of foods.

Don’t let organic-looking packaging or healthy-sounding labels keep you from reading the nutrition panel and ingredient list. Many times these products are still loaded with sugar.

7. Follow popular fitness meal plans

If it sounds too good to be true (or so bad that you couldn’t keep it up), you need a more realistic weight-loss plan.

8. Believe everything you hear about fitness..

Fitness is different for everyone. Consult a professional before you try new work out routines or begin a weight-loss challenge. It’s important to know the facts, not the trends.