8 Reasons to Compete

Don’t get me wrong, competing isn’t for everyone; it requires an extremely high level of dedication; but for those willing to put in the time and who have the determination, here are 8 reasons why you should consider competing…

The Challenge

While people often strive “to be the best they can be,” few take on the challenge of realizing their fullest potential as far as their physique goes. While the reasons vary, preparing for a competition is not for the weak or lazy. Preparing for a competition is a grueling process of long hard workouts and strict dieting to get into the best shape of one’s life. It takes a great deal of discipline and drive to make it to competition day. It’s an amazing challenge; one that will lead to a great sense of satisfaction and pride come post-competition.

Anyone who trains to compete and makes it to and through
their competition has accomplished a great feat.

Working out for 2 or more hours most every day and hitting up the gym multiple times a day is normal for fitness competitors. There are many days where you don’t “feel” like working out, especially on carb depleted days; but that is not an option for the serious competitor. You have to push yourself. Giving up is not an option. When carbs are cut, the going gets rough and it’s hard to make it through work outs at times. Not only are you affected emotionally and mentally, but you have to really fight to push your body through your workout. Training to compete is an incredible challenge in every way. Competing is one of the best challenges you can take on. By taking on this challenge, you will likely amaze yourself with your own power and strength.

The People

Meeting like-minded people who care about fitness and all come from different backgrounds is inspiring. Additionally, having the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments with fellow competitors is an amazing experience. Other competitors can also help advise you in your training.

Your Health

Competing requires absolute dedication to your health. Minimal fat and muscle tone is a must. Therefore, competing can be absolutely beneficial to your overall health. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise is extremely important in the short and long term.

The Rush

After months of training, there’s nothing like getting on the stage to celebrate all of your hard work. Competition weekend is a bit crazy at times, but the experience is more than worth it. From tanning and other necessary pre-contest prep to stage time; this is your time to shine. Pumping up with fellow competitors and getting psyched to go on stage is such a rush. Your adrenaline starts going and there’s nothing like your prejudging stage shot to just let go, have fun, and show off all your hard work.


Competing requires one to set goals; both short and long term. From analyzing your physique and setting minor goals to the overall goal as far as physique and diet goes; you will be challenged in ways you never thought possible.

Inspire and Motivate Others

Just by taking on a challenge like this, you will help inspire and motivate others to get in shape. You have no idea the difference you can make in the lives of others by taking on a healthy lifestyle.

Experience of a Lifetime

Each competition brings a different experience. These are unforgettable experiences; moments you will never forget (of if you do, it will likely be caught on film; one of the benefits of competing). All your hard work and determination comes together in one weekend. It’s an incredible experience.


Training to compete will likely get you in the best shape of your life. You will be stronger than ever. Feeling stronger physically, also helps to create mental and emotional strength.