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Surfset Fitness: Surf without the water

Surfset fitness A new type of fitness has people surfing... on land. Aimed at core strength, burning fat and toning lean muscle, SURFSET  Fitness is the latest exercise trend. From squats, to downward dog, the workout is done on a surfboard with each exercise focused on balance. I think SURFSET is a great addition to the fitness world. [...]

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Debunking weight-loss myths

There are more weight-loss myths than there are tips. The key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is knowing what motivates you and capitalizing on your strengths and doing all that in moderation. Fitness magazine has shared some tips, and I'm going to debunk them for you. 1. Adopt a gluten-free diet. The protein [...]

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Train to combat intimidation

When it comes to workout routines, do you prefer a trainer who is big, bulky and hulk-like? Or do you prefer a trainer who is a real-life example of fitness and healthy living? If your preference is the latter, then you should check out Jessica and Debbie Smith's fitness DVDs. This mother/daughter duo is one that women of [...]

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